Counting practicePrimary Curriculum
Greenville Montessori School consists of two primary classrooms serving children ages three to six. Each class offers a full Montessori curriculum with standard Montessori materials. Here the children learn through hands on experience and creative exploration.  Enhanced learning and social development occur in this multi age setting. The youngest children observe and interact with the older children. In turn the older children serve as role models and learn responsibility and leadership skills. The materials in each classroom are grouped into the four major divisions: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math and Language. Read more.

Lower Elementary Curriculum
Our class is a working community of children and adults. The environment spans three age levels of six to nine years (grades 1 – 3). Younger children are continuously inspired by the older students’ work, while older students revise and enhance their skills as they mentor younger students. The multi-aged group setting also provides for individual differences. The elementary class provides diverse opportunities for social growth, while challenging growing imaginations. Read more.

Upper Elementary Curriculum
The Upper Elementary Classroom is a three-year program consisting of a combined class of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. For most students this class is a continuation of
Sunflower the work they have been doing in the lower elementary classroom. One of the many benefits of working in a small school setting is that the communication between the teachers as well as the everyday contact with the students gives both the teacher and the students a sense of family and consequently a great starting point in the class. Read more.

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